Passion Smile si occupa di estetica dentale per rispondere alle richieste dei pazienti che desiderano raggiungere risultati estetici ottimali e duraturi, in totale sicurezza.

La fase diagnostica prevede l’utilizzo di tecniche all’avanguardia quali lo Smile design e lo Smile makeover, in grado di facilitare l’approccio con il paziente e permettergli di visionare in anteprima il risultato estetico che otterrà mediante le fasi operative e gli interventi proposti quali: le faccette dentali estetiche, gli intarsi in ceramica integrale, le otturazioni estetiche, gli apparecchi invisibili, etc..

Passion Smile si occupa di studiare, testare e confrontare i vari trattamenti estetici presenti attualmente nel mercato italiano ed estero e di offrire ai propri pazienti solo le soluzioni migliori e più sicure, a garanzia di un risultato che soddisfi le aspettative e si adatti perfettamente al suo stile di vita.

I costi, le modalità e le tempistiche necessarie per completare ciascun trattamento estetico variano da persona a persona, a seconda della complessità di ciascun caso, pertanto si rende sempre necessario effettuare una visita accurata e un consulto specialistico per poter conciliare al meglio la situazione clinica del paziente e i suoi obiettivi primari.


Autodiagnosi del sorriso

Per verificare se si è in possesso dei requisiti per uno specifico intervento dentale estetico è sufficiente rispondere alle seguenti domande. In caso di risposta affermativa a una o più domande tra quelle sotto riportate, è possibile prenotare una prima visita e condividere i propri obiettivi estetici con gli specialisti di Passion Smile e gli interventi necessari a risolvere le eventuali anomalie o patologie e migliorare o ripristinare l’aspetto estetico del proprio sorriso.

Le 10 domande

Operational Days, Hours, and Details

2022 Season at lake CDA: Our set days for shared boat sessions for members are every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday from the first Saturday in May to the last Sunday in September 8AM-9PM All 8AM and 6PM Sessions are sunject to a minium of 2 reservations 12 or more hours in advance to be available. No walkups will be avaialbe for those 2 sessions if 2 or more people are not booked (check event calendar). Excpetion may be made for the 6pm sunset tour IF the captain availbe to extend workind day when walk-ups members or members booking previous sessions decide to book and pay for sunset session. ALWAYS check calendar before showing up IF attempting to book and board boat with 12-24 hours or less advance notice. We do not gurantee the 8am and 6pm sessions will operate day to day.
We will expand operational days as our memberships grow. Adding in Fridays in June thourgh August first one we reach over X # of members than Thursays June- August at 2X# of members .
This will limit days availabe for private week day boat rentals. Whole boat rentals are AWLWAYS a secondary benifit of the MemberMe membership and we do not gurantee wich days will be available for private boat rentals. Cash is accpeted for member walk ups. NO walk ups accepted for non members unless accompanied by guest.

ALL sessions, camps, and special events that have zero bookings are all subject to day change, time change, duration change, theme change, or restrictions change.
(meaning we may have a kids camp or date night scheduled on our calendar to give examples of what we thik members may want to see/do and if they go unbooked we will change details.

Session Bookings (when can I book, how, and why?)

-When can I Book Sessions for each season? Starting Arpil 1st each and every season! WHY? We dont want a hand full of people booking up all summer. Exception: We run a promotion that offers early bird discounts on 10 session packs including priority bookings at a discount always available for sell. Once you purchase you email us any time between purchase date and April 1 telling us the days, times, and number of slots you wish to book with back ups to get you in the schedule before it goes live for ALL members April 1st each and every year. -General Booking You go to our event calendar and look at which day you want and find a sessions with the available number of spots you wish to book. You can book up to the number of spots your membership allows at your member rate. The remaining tickets are purchases at full price for any guests you may have. -Why book sessions Its the only way to prevent over booking of high demand sessions and the boat running sesssions with no bookings. In short it makes your life better and allows us to keep our prices better than any other competitor nationwide.

Why do I Need To Purchase A Membership If I Have To Pay Per Session?

For the exact same reason Costco requires a memberships. With the membership it allows us to run our business at a lower cost; saving you money and increasing the members value/experience. Think of this way. Would you rather be on a boat with people you saw at a Walmart or people you saw at a Costco? (we think we are funny, we hope you do too)

How is MemberME Different Than A Traditional Boat Club

First and foremost a traditional boat club doesnt operate in northern idaho or Eastern Washington. A traditional boat club for open bow style boats under 30ft charges a their member a one time fee ranging between $6,500-$10,000 which is NEVER refundable and is forfeit soon as the member cancels their membership OR misses on of their $400-$800/mo payments.

And YES! They make you pay every month of the year! Yes! Even in winter! Again YES! You have to pay even if you dont use it. To be totally transparent.... WE LOVE this model! It works GREAT for a small group of the populations thats even smaller than the 9% of people that own a boat. Their sales pitch and value prop is great! "for less than the cost of sales tax ALONE on the boat you're looking to buy you can join the club and remain in the club for about the price of the monthly slip cost and avoid all other fees. At MemberMe we wanted to shake things up and help more people. We didn't want to charge a huge fee you never get back to alienate most fo the intersted market. We didn't want to charge any members when they are not using servies and we wanted something that made a whole lot more sense to a whole lot more people. In short we waned to simlify boating.

One final note. Cost aside: we wanted to create a premium experience. Even if you want to own a boat or join a boat club (we've been apart of both) it becomes rare that you can ALWAYS find 2 other people who can drive a boat with you to do wake sports, its rare their schedules will synch with yours, and its even rarer they will pay their fair share. Beyond all that; boating is fun but it can be stressful. Some dont want to deal with driving. NO ONE wants to deal with docking. No one wants to deal with gas bill. NO ONE wants to have that awkward conversation with their friends about how much the day really cost more than boat gas. Everyone just wants to have fun. Bring friends or make friends and boat any day they want in the nicest boat on the water with every detail taken care of.

Feel like a celbrity and join us with a MemberMe Boat membership.

Skip the $7,500 boat club joining fee and for about the cost of ONE of thier months dues you can be boating ALL summer!

Which Boats Are In The MemberMe Fleet?

We are launching with a brand new top of the line Moomba Makai which the nicest and largest boat Moomba offers measuring in at 24.5 feet.

Moomba is made by Supra and unlike other "little brother" brands Moomba is the closest to its big brothers quality and tech only trailing Supra by 1-2 years creating the industries highest rate entry level tow boat.

If we reach our pre pre-sale launch member target numbers we will additionally be adding in Friday opterations as well as a brand new 2022 Mastercraft NXT24 which is also 24 feet long and is the industry leading brand in tow boats with the best and longest name in industry.

If we continue to match our high projects and expectations for this boat club we will let members vote on our third boat from being another wake boat, pontoon boat, open bow, deck boat, or the like.

Refunds Questions

More details about redunds can be found in our refunt policty linked at check and in the footer of our site.

Here are the highlights:
Memberships *Memberships autobill each year to lock in your early bird pricing. -You can tell us to cancel this at anytime if you dont want it to auto bill no questions -If it autobills and you changed your mind and or dont use your membership at all you can cancel no questions asked -If you purchase a memberhsip and for some reason don't use it at all season 1 you can get a full membership refund (no issue but out of curiousity we will ask why to help improve our business, regardless of answer we will refund you) Sessions, Camps, Special Events Refunds -24 Hours + Cancelation: 100% refundable IF canceled more than 24 hours in advance *Refunds will not be issued if this happens for more than 25% of your booked sessions to prevent anyone from trying to over book the calendar, cancelling more appoints than they keep, and limiting other peoples usage. -12-24 Hours Cancellation: Up to 100% refund if your spot is filled or boat is under capacity by the number of passengers per sesion you're canceling (ie 4 open seats and youre canceling 2. you get 100% refund. If the boat is full and you cancel and its fill last minute you also get full refund) -12 hours or less: no refund Unused Sessions: We all sessions are good for the calendar year labled. We do not offer any refund or transfering of unused sessions.

Legal Questions, Damages, and Fees

Members: All members are requied to sign a relsease of liability waiver the first time boarding the boat each season as well as each guest. It releases liablity from the company, owners, employees, and even other members incase of any accidents. Private Rentals: Regardless of insurance there is a $500 minium damage fee to any minor damanges. A $2500 fee for any major damages minium even with insurance. And a $100 cleaning fee minium for excess filth. A $250 flat cleaning fee for puking on the boat if any puke lands inside the baot not in a bag or overboad.

This information are only acknowlegments to our full legal forms, rental forms, and liability waivers, and informing you of the minium fees not the maxium fees.

What Does A Typical Session Look/feel Like? What to expect?

Book session on line at anytime even last minute so long as 2 or more people are already booked (for last minute sessions only). Book for yourself and anyone else you're brining (fellow member or guest). Arrive 5-10 minutes early or even more if youd like to get a drink or food at the Bouy bar. Boarding takes place on the departing hour to 10 minutes maxium from the start time. Members will be asked if they would like to drive at any time during the sessions. Members will also be asked if they would like to do any wake sports in this sessions. Wake sports are the first focuss with each ride while other enjoy lounging on the boat and swimming when stopping between riders. If no one plans to do wake sports each sessoin is differnt. We pick what most people would like to do most in the session ranging from wake sports, floating, swimming, tying up, or going to a destination on the lake such as a restaurant, rope swing, or beach.

NOTE: The boast does not simply cruise the entire time. Depending on number of people in the session and the number of people doing wake sports determs how much cruising happens. There will always be a minium amount of cruising for small groups with no wake sessions.
We allow all members to bring anything they would like to eat or drink on the baot noting they are responsible for their own messes. We provide a cooler with ice (weather and sessions pending), storage for your belongings (not guranteed to be dry storage). We encourage everyone to bring a towel and suncreen. We will always have basic drinks and snacks for purchase. Alcohol is permitted on the boat any sessions starting at noon or later.

Boat Rules: What Cant I Do/Bring On The Boat?

1. No shoes can be worn on the boat Slip your shoes off before boarding and put them in designated storage bins for shoes 2. No Smoking on the boat 3. No animals on the boat 4. No children under 2 years old permitted 5. No Binge Drinking Devices (no beer bongs or the like) 6. No cursing or overly vulgar langauge/Music 7. No overly offensive public displays of affection 1-3 strikes you're out! A MemberMe Captain can ask you to stop a behavior as a curitsy warning. Third reminder and you're off the boat for the day with a strike. *Any flagrant conduct of a member especially to another member or guest can be grounds for instant membership termination.

In short: We are chill, be chill, kind, and respectful and you have no worries We have the right to cancel anyones membership at anytime. 1 session redeemd 75% refund of membership not session 2 session redeemd 50% refund of membership not session 3 session redeemd 25% refund of membership not session 4+ session redeemd 0% refund of membership not session

What Can I Bring On The Boat?

1. Food 2. Drinks 3. Alchohol (starting at noon) 4. Towels 5. Your day bag, bech bag, backpack, or purse 6. Family, friensds, busines associates (must book their session) 7. Personal Wakeboard (limit 1 board per peson) 8. Personal Wakesurf (limit 1 board per peson) 9. Reasonablly sized floaties that can fit in your bag

Social Media & Privacy

Of course you're allowed to use your phone on the boat, take pictures, and post pictures!


Do not tag people without their consent (always feel free to tag us @MemberMeClub)
And DO NOT take pictures or videos specifically of guests not in your party without their consent.

If someone is in your photo or video that can be ok. HOWEVER if they are the main focus of your photo without their consent this is likey alwayss a NO NO.

This applies both to positive and negative contexts to the photo being taking. Taking a photo of somone with the main focus being either making fun of someone or a group, finding them attractive, or sharing to let someone else know they are on the boat is never allowed without their advance consent. If you are cuaght taking photos and videos of others in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable you will privately and kindly be given a warning the first time and then given a strike the second time. If it escalates it can becomea situation where you may be asked to leave the boat for the day and possible have your membership canceled if it happens again.

We are building a thriving community full of go getters and we want everyone to respect and support each individual members and guests boundaries and personal space. IF AT ANYTIME you feel someone is or has taken photos or videos of you posted or not posted please discretely inform the captain if you feel comfortable or email or call/text us details.

What Does A Typical Session Look Like?

More or less the passengers control the experiencce with direction of the captain. All sessions are "labeled" to offer direction however no session has to stick to this label.

Generally what the most amount of people want to do is what will be done with wake sports taking priority as they can alwasy be done in the direction of other desired locations/activities.

Boarding: Boat departs dock 10 minutes past the scheduled departure hour OR once all passenders regisgtered are on board (come early get more boating time) Pre Launch: Captain will first welcome you, introduce themselves, go over basic saftey, ask what each passenger wants to do (although the captain shoulud already know if you filled out your form correctly but you're welcome to change your mind) and will also ask if anyone wants to drive. Often allowing a member/kid to drive first in the no wake zone while ballasts fill for wake sports. On the water: Sessions vary depending how many people are on the boat and want to do wake sports. Keep in mind the engine is not always running. So we use wake sessions not only for people to enjoy the sports but for other passengers to enjoy cruising and to get us to an end destination that is further away. Similar to a boat rental the boat and gear is included not the gas. We do this differently and include all gas but it is variable to how many passengers are on the boat and what they want to do. A good rule of thumb might be to set cruising at 5 minutes per passenger on the boat if no one is doing wake sports. If there are no passengers wanting to get towed we plan a short cruise to a destination to do any of the following: tie up, anchor, swim, beach, food/drink/, ect.

Why Can't I Book Now? When Can I book Sessions or Events?

Booking for each season opens on April 1st at 8am regardless of the day of the week it falls on. We do this so that all members joining at various times get equal opportunity to book thier summer sessions, camps, and events. PRE BOOKING OPPORTUNITY: We do offer members the opportunity to advance book by purchasing 10 session packs and emailing us prefered days, sessions, and number of members and guest before March 30th of each year. (making sure you have purchases equal to or more sessions than requesting to fill. NOTE: sunset sessions are 1.5 sessions. Holiday sessions, events, and the like may be listed at various rate which simple math matics can determine based on your session rate discount and listed prices). This is not a guranteed way to get the spots you want but you will be put in top priorty top to bottom based on who purchases sessons packs and completes a request email first. We will book according to email reveieved date PENDING purchases were made in adance.

If you have only purhcaed10 sessions and are trying to purchase 20 sessions for example we will only book and honor your first 10 rewquests by passenger count.

Pre Booking Sessions Information

PRE BOOKING OPPORTUNITY: We do offer members the opportunity to advance book by purchasing 10 session packs and emailing us prefered days, sessions, and number of members and guest before March 30th of each year. (making sure you have purchases equal to or more sessions than requesting to fill. NOTE: sunset sessions are 1.5 sessions. Holiday sessions, events, and the like may be listed at various rate which simple math matics can determine based on your session rate discount and listed prices). This is not a guranteed way to get the spots you want but you will be put in top priorty top to bottom based on who purchases sessons packs and completes a request email first. We will book according to email reveieved date PENDING purchases were made in adance.

If you have only purhcaed10 sessions and are trying to purchase 20 sessions for example we will only book and honor your first 10 rewquests by passenger count.

How do I book sessions

Sessions can be booked from our website event/session calendar under Booking-> Boat Sessions Sessions can also be purchases from our mobile app linked near the bottom of our home page and in wix spaces app. As well as by email or phone but we cannot gurantee these bookings at high traffic booking times and encourage everyone to book from website or app. You can purchase walk up sesson with cash, card, or venmo All sessions booked day of are subject to availability and are $5 more per session.

How do I purchase tow sessions? What happens if I want more tow time?

Tow sessions can individaully be purchased on our site under Booking-> Tow Sessions You can always purchase them on the fly via your phone, or through the captain with cash, card, or venmo.